New tannin purification tool

The best NCRG paper of 2018: Leppä et al. Journal of Chromatography A 1576:67–79. 

We at the Natural Chemistry Research Group had an internal vote for our best paper published in 2018. Milla’s paper reporting the developments in the chromatographic purification of proanthocyanidins came out as a clear winner. Congrats Milla! This was actually a perfect reminder of the importance of Milla’s new method, since we all understood the vast potential the method now offers for tannin purification. Now it is just up to us and other groups to utilize the method to produce even better proanthocyanidin fractions for bioactivity tests.

Our hopes are high of course that the new purification tool enables us to achieve similar breakthroughs with the structure/activity linkages of proanthocyanidin slices as we have earlier achieved with purified hydrolysable tannins.

For more information see the YouTube video below or on our YouTube channel and Milla’s paper here: Leppä, M.; Karonen, M.; Tähtinen, P.; Engström, M.T.; Salminen, J.-P. 2018. Isolation of chemically well-defined semipreparative liquid chromatography fractions from complex mixtures of proanthocyanidin oligomers and polymers. Journal of Chromatography A 1576:67–79.