The Natural Chemistry Research Group has joined the strategic research profiling project of the University of Turku called Biodiform (“Biodiversity and systemic transformation”) funded by the Acacemy of Finland for the years 2021-2026.  

The Natural Chemistry Research Group (University of Turku) has studied the chemical basis of multiple types of natural phenomena occurring in nature for more than 20 years. Our research has always been multidisciplinary and we have obtained most of our chemical inspirations from nature’s chemical machinery. As a natural continuum, we now participate the first ever biodiversity-inspired profiling project of the University of Turku, funded by the Academy of Finland. The Biodiform project is led by the Biodiversity Unit of our faculty, and includes many faculties and departments across the University.

Our tasks in the Biodiform project are very much linked to the nature-linked research and outreach activities we do in the ChemKing and Luonnollista kemiaa projects. Most uniquely, we focus on revealing new patterns in the chemical diversity of plants, insects and microbes to obtain new unseen value even for the threatened species that need new types of actions to prevent their extinction.

See Academy of Finland for the press release.