Listed here are there publications for 2020 so far. Please visit the yearly pages for more of our publications.

2020 Statistics

Number of Peer-Reviewed Papers: 9
Accumulated Impact Factor: 26.281
Average Impact Factor: 2.920


Bello, A.; Virtanen, V.; Salminen, J.-P.; Leiviskä, T. 2020. Aminomethylation of spruce tannins and their application as coagulants for water clarification. to Separation and Purification Technology 242: 116765. Journal IF 2018 5.107.

Brandenburger, C.; Kim, M.; Slavich, E.; Meredith, F.; Salminen, J.-P.; Sherwin, W.; Moles, A. 2020. Evolution of defence and herbivory in introduced plants – testing enemy release using a known source population, herbivore trials and time since introduction. Ecology and evolution (accepted). Journal IF 2018 2.34.

Karonen, N.; Ahern, J.; Legroux, J.; Suvanto, J.; Engström, M.; Sinkkonen, J.; Salminen, J.-P.; Hoste, H. 2020. Ellagitannins Inhibit the Exsheathment of Haemonchus contortus and Trichostrongylus colubriformis Larvae: the Efficiency Increases Together with the Molecular Size. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (available online) Journal IF 2018: 3.571.

Laitila, J.; Salminen, J.-P. 2020. Relevance of the Concentrations and Sizes of Oligomeric Red Wine Pigments to the Color Intensity of Commercial Red Wines. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 68: 11, 3576-3584. Journal IF 2018: 3.571.

Manninen, M.; Vesterinen, V.-M.; Salminen, J.-P. 2020. Chemistry of Autumn Colors: Quantitative Spectrophotometric Analysis of Anthocyanins and Carotenoids and Qualitative Analysis of Anthocyanins by Ultra-performance Liquid Chromatography–Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Journal of Chemical Education 97 (3): 772-777. Journal IF 2018 1.763.

Riikonen, J.; Kivimäenpää, M.; Ossipov, V.; Saunier, A.; Marquardt, P. 2020. Metabolite Composition of Paper Birch Buds After Eleven Growing Seasons of Exposure to Elevated CO2 and O3. Forests 2020, 11(3), 330. Journal IF 2018: 2.116.

Rinne, M.; Leppä, M.; Kuoppala, K.; Koivunen, E.; Kahala, M.; Jalava, T.; Salminen, J.-P.; Manni, K. 2020. Fermentation quality of ensiled crimped faba beans using different additives with special attention to changes in bioactive compounds. Animal Feed Science and Technology (accepted). Journal IF 2018 2.590.

Visakorpi, K.; Riutta, T.; Malhi, Y.; Salminen, J.-P.; Salinas, N.; Gripenberg, S. 2020. Changes in oak (Quercus robur) photosynthesis after winter moth (Operophtera brumata) herbivory are not explained by changes in chemical or structural leaf traits. PLoS ONE 15(1): e0228157. Journal IF 2018 2.776

Volf, M.; Laitila, J.; Kim, J.; Sam, L.; Sam, K.; Isua, B.; Sisol, M.;Wardhaugh, C.; Vejmelka, F.; Miller, S.; Weiblen, G.; Salminen, J.-P.; Novotny, V.; Segar, S. 2020. Compound Specific Trends of Chemical Defences in Ficus Along an Elevational Gradient Reflect a Complex Selective Landscape. Journal of Chemical Ecology (accepted). Journal IF 2018: 2.447.