2014 Publications

2014 Statistics

Number of Peer-Reviewed Papers: 19
Accumulated Impact Factor: 70.352
Average Impact Factor: 3.703


Ahern, J.R.; Whitney, K.D. 2014. Stereochemistry affects sesquiterpene lactone bioactivity against an herbivorous grasshopper. Chemoecology 24(1): 35–39. Journal IF 2014: 1.923.

Ahern, J.R.; Whitney, K.D. 2014. Sesquiterpene lactone stereochemistry influences herbivore resistance and plant fitness in the field. Annals of Botany 113(4): 731–740. Journal IF 2014: 3.654.

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Dobreva, M.; Green, R.; Mueller-Harvey, I.; Salminen, J.-P.; Howlin, B.; Frazier, R. 2014. Size and Molecular Flexibility affect the Binding of Ellagitannins to Bovine Serum Albumin. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 62(37): 9186–9194. Journal IF 2014: 2.912.

Engström, M.T.; Pälijärvi, M.; Fryganas, F.; Grabber, J.; Mueller-Harvey, I.; Salminen, J.-P. 2014. Rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of proanthocyanidin oligomers and polymers by UPLC-MS/MS. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 62(15): 3390–3399. Journal IF 2014: 2.912.

Johnson, M.T.J.; Ives, A.R.; Ahern, J.; Salminen, J.-P. 2014. Macroevolution of plant defenses against herbivores in the evening primroses. New Phytologist 203(1): 267–279. Journal IF 2013: 6.373.

Kaczor, A.; Karczmarzyk, Z.; Fruzinski, A.; Pihlaja, K.; Sinkkonen, J.; Wiinamaki, K.; Kronbach, C.; Unverferth, K.; Poso, A.; Matosiuk, D. 2014. Structural studies, homology modeling and molecular docking of novel non-competitive antagonists of GluK1/GluK2 receptors. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 22(2): 787–795. Journal IF 2014: 2.793.

Kalske, A.; Mutikainen, P.; Muola, A.; Scheepens, J.F.; Laukkanen, L.; Salminen, J.-P.; Leimu R. 2014. Simultaneous inbreeding modifies inbreeding depression in a plant-herbivore interaction. Ecology Letters 17(2): 229–238. Journal IF 2013: 13.042.

Karonen, M.; Mattila, H.; Huang, P.; Mamedov, F.; Styring, S.; Tyystjärvi, E. 2014: A tandem mass spectrometric method for singlet oxygen measurement. Photochemistry and Photobiology 90(5): 965–971. Journal IF 2014: 2.266.

Kisonen, V.; Xu, C.; Eklund, P.; Lindqvist, H.; Sundberg, A.; Pranovich, A.; Sinkkonen, J.; Vilaplana, F.; Willför, S. 2014. Cationised O-acetyl galactoglucomannans: Synthesis and characterisation. Carbohydrate Polymers 99: 755–764. Journal IF 2014: 2.747.

Kortesniemi, M.; Sinkkonen, J.; Yang, B.; Kallio, H. 2014. 1H NMR spectroscopy reveals the effect of genotype and growth conditions on composition of sea buckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides L.) berries. Food Chemistry 147: 138–146. Journal IF 2014: 3.391.

Kårlund, A.; Salminen, J.-P.; Koskinen, P.; Ahern, J.R.; Karonen, M.; Tiilikkala, K.; Karjalainen, R.O. 2014. Polyphenols in strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) leaves induced by plant activators. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 62(20): 4592–4600. Journal IF 2014: 2.912.

Laaksonen, O.A.; Mäkilä, L.; Sandell, M.A.; Salminen, J.-P.; Liu, P.; Kallio, H.P.; Yang, B. 2014. Chemical-Sensory Characteristics and Consumer Responses of Blackcurrant Juices Produced by Different Industrial Processes. Food and Bioprocess Technology 7(10): 2877–2888. Journal IF 2014: 2.691.

Lindstedt, A.; Järvinen, R.; Sinkkonen, J.; Lehtonen, H-M.; Graça, G.; Viitanen, M.; Gil, A.M.; Kallio, H. 2014. Postprandial response on fatty meal is affected by sea buckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides) supplementation: NMR metabolomics study. Food Research International 58: 23–34. Journal IF 2014: 2.818.

Ossipov, V.; Klemola, T.; Ruohomäki, K.; Salminen, J.-P. 2014. Effects of three years’ increase in density of the geometrid Epirrita autumnata on the change in metabolome of mountain birch trees (Betula pubescens ssp. czerepanovii). Chemoecology 24(5): 201–214. Journal IF 2014: 1.923.

Patrikainen, P.; Niiranen, L.; Thapa, K.; Paananen, P.; Tähtinen, P.; Mäntsälä, P.; Niemi, J.; Metsä-Ketelä, M. 2014. Structure-Based Engineering of Angucyclinone 6-Ketoreductases. Chemistry & Biology 21(10): 1381–1391. Journal IF 2014: 6.645.

Salminen, J.-P. 2014. The Chemistry and Chemical Ecology of Ellagitannins in Plant–Insect Interactions: From Underestimated Molecules to Bioactive Plant Constituents. Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research (eds Romani, A.; Lattanzio, V.; Quideau, S.)

Salminen, J.-P. 2014. Transforming the tools of tannin analysis. International Innovation 141: 16–18.
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Salminen, J.-P.; Shikov, A.N.; Karonen, M.; Pozharitskaya, O.N.; Kim, J.; Makarov, V.G.; Hiltunen, R.; Galambosi, B. 2014. Rapid profiling of phenolic compounds of green and fermented Bergenia crassifolia L. leaves by UPLC-DAD-QqQ-MS and HPLC-DAD-ESI-QTOF-MS. Natural Product Research 28(19): 1530–1533. Journal IF 2014: 0.919.

Shunmugan, S.; Jokela, J.; Wahlsten, M.; Battchikova, N.; ur Rehman, A.; Vass, I.; Karonen, M.; Sinkkonen, J.; Permi, P.; Sivonen, K.; Aro, E.-M.; Allahverdiyeva, Y. 2014. Secondary metabolite from Nostoc XPORK14A inhibits photosynthesis and growth of Synechocystis PCC 6803. Plant, Cell & Environment 37(6): 1371–1381. Journal IF 2014: 6.960.

Vihakas, M.; Pälijärvi, M.; Karonen, M.; Roininen, H.; Salminen, J.-P. 2014. Rapid estimation of the oxidative activities of individual phenolics in crude plant extracts. Phytochemistry 103: 76–84. Journal IF 2014: 2.547.

Vihakas, M. 2014. Flavonoids and Other Phenolic Compounds: Characterization and Interactions with Lepidopteran and Sawfly Larvae. Annales Universitatis Turkuensis A I 496, 72 p.