Listed here are there publications for 2018 so far. Please visit the yearly pages for more of our publications.

2018 Statistics:

Accumulated Impact Factor: 32.372
Average Impact Factor: 3.597


Ferguson, A.; Carvalho, E.; Gourlay, G.; Walker, V.; Martens, S.; Salminen, J.-P.; Constabel, C.P. 2018. Phytochemical analysis of salal berry (Gaultheria shallon Pursh.), a traditionally-consumed fruit from western North America with exceptionally high proanthocyanidin content. Phytochemistry (Just accepted). Journal IF 2016: 3.205.

Gripenberg, S.; Rota, J.; Kim, J.; Wright, S.J.; Garwood, N.C.; Fricke, E.C.; Zalamea, P.-C.; Salminen, J.-P. 2018. Seed polyphenols in a diverse tropical plant community. Journal of Ecology 106(1):87–100. Journal IF 2016: 5.813.

Mueller-Harvey, I.; Bee, G.; Dohme-Meier, F.; Hoste, H.; Karonen, M.; Kölliker, R.; Lüscher, A.; Niderkorn, V.; Pellikaan, W.; Salminen, J.-P.; Skøt, L.; Smith, L.; Thamsborg, S.; Totterdell, P.; Wilkinson, I.; Williams, A.; Azuhnwi, B.; Baert, N.; Grosse Brinkhaus, A.; Copani, G.; Desrues, O.; Drake, C.; Engström, M.; Fryganas, C.; Girard, M.; Huyen, N.; Kempf, K.; Malisch, C.; Mora-Ortiz, M.; Quijada, J.; Ramsay, A.; Ropiak, H.; Waghorn, G. 2018. Benefits of condensed tannins in forage legumes fed to ruminants: importance of structure, concentration and diet composition. Crop Science (Accepted). Journal IF 2016: 1.629.

Patton, M.F.; Arena, G.D.; Salminen, J.-P.; Steinbauer, M.J.; Casteel, C.L. 2018. Transcriptome and defence response in Eucalyptus camaldulensis leaves to feeding Glycaspis (Glycaspis) brimblecombei Moore (Hemiptera: Aphalaridae) nymphs: a stealthy psyllid does not go unnoticed. Austral Entomology (Available online). Journal IF 2016: 1.341.

Salminen, J.-P. 2018. Metabolism of 14C-labelled pentagalloylglucose by Epirrita autumnata and Agriopis aurantiaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) and implications for the nutrition of geometrid defoliators. Austral Entomology (Available online). Journal IF 2016: 1.341.

Sánchez-Virosta, P.; Espín, S.; Ruiz, S.; Salminen, J.-P.; Garcia-Fernandez, A.-J.; Eeva, T. 2018. Experimental manipulation of dietary arsenic levels in great tit nestlings: accumulation pattern and effects on growth, survival and plasma biochemistry. Environmental Pollution 233:764–773. Journal IF 2016: 5.099.

Steinbauer, M.J.; Salminen, J.-P.; Watson, S. 2018. Yellow, red, dead: the nutritional consequences for Cardiaspina densitexta Taylor (Hemiptera: Aphalaridae) nymphs of inducing senescence in old Eucalyptus fasciculosa leaves. Austral Entomology (Accepted). Journal IF 2016: 1.341.

Suvanto, J.; Tähtinen, P.; Valkamaa, S.; Engström, M.T.; Karonen, M.; Salminen, J.-P. 2018. Variability in Foliar Ellagitannins of Hippophaë rhamnoides L. and Identification of a New Ellagitannin, Hippophaenin C. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (Available online). Journal IF 2016: 3.154.

Volf, M.; Segar, S.; Miller, S.; Isua, B.; Sisol, M.; Aubona, G.; Šimek, P.; Moos, M.; Laitila, J.; Kim, J.; Zima Jr, J.; Rota, J.; Weiblen, G.; Wossa, S.; Salminen, J.-P.; Basset, Y.; Novotny, V. 2018. Community structure of insect herbivores is driven by conservatism, escalation and divergence of defensive traits in Ficus. Ecology Letters 21(1):83–92. Journal IF 2016: 9.449.