Jorma Kim

PhD thesis topic

Evolution of polyphenol-based pro-oxidant and protein-active defenses of plants

Main aims

(1) Developing a method to test any plant sample’s effect of enzymatic activity to its phenolic profile.

(2) Observing the distribution of polyphenol-based protein affinity and oxidative activity in the plant kingdom.

(3) Drawing links between these activities and the polyphenol profiles of the plants in species, genera, and family levels.

(4) Applying metabolomics approach to the collected data in order to improve existing plant phylogenies and build new ones for those not yet analyzed with genomics tools.


During my PhD work I can develop my knowledge and skills in chemical analysis methods and technology further, and also to expand my areas of knowledge and learn to use new analysis tools. The scale of the project requires me to use cutting-edge chromatographic and mass-spectrometric methods, which I certainly don’t mind, and learning the tools needed to process and report the data is a challenge worth taking.

Results so far

A simple-to-perform addition to an existing oxidation method has been developed, and it adds new information on oxidation capacity of any plant part, species, and genus based on their phenolic content and enzymatic activity. The manuscript describing this method is being written and expected to be submitted in early 2017. Another manuscript, where this method is being utilized on a wide selection of plant species, will be submitted later in 2017.

Jorma Kim, M.Sc.
Doctoral candidate

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