Short News

Both the BSc and MSc students made NCRG proud again in the Kemian kevät ´18 event. Congratulations to all of you and many thanks to the supervisors as well! Let the summer begin 🙂 (soon, I hope)

Juuso got the SKS prize for his MSc thesis! That was really an excellent piece or work and it is rewarding to see that others can appreciate it as well. Very well done, Juuso 🙂

Anu made it! Huge congratulations for your PhD, well deserved, enormous effort as a whole! More than needed :). Many thanks to prof. Wähälä for being the professional opponent, and to Anu for organising such a lively evening party. It was really nice to catch up with the “old” group members as well.

It is time for a short, but well-deserved Xmas break. Happy Holidays to group members, students, collaborators, and all plant and polyphenol enthusiasts alike!

What a week! We won the Vogel Science Prize! Milla got funded by Raisio! We got positive news of 4 manuscripts! Woohoo, c’mon!

Apply now for your position in our Master’s Degree Programme to get the MSc in Natural Compound Chemistry!

JAFC selected in their new Virtual Issue ~4% of the papers published in the last 18 months to highlight recent notable advances in our understanding of polyphenol chemistry, metabolism and health benefits. We had two papers included in the top 4% 🙂 See yourself at

There is a postdoctoral researcher position open in our group!

Summer students are here, but the summer is not!! Welcome Ira, Mimosa, Emilia and Maria. Nice to continue with you Saara, Joona, Valtteri and Saku as well 🙂 P.S. Marica got another award for her PhD thesis, now from the PCS.

Maarit got funded by the Academy!! Excellent news just keep on coming as we just welcomed Iqbal into our group! Welcome Iqbal, welcome funding and congrats Maarit 🙂

Our students did very well at the Kemian kevät ’17 symposium!! It was very easy to be proud of the whole group. We were quite many 🙂 Congrats to Marianna and Juuso for the awards as well! Now it is time for a short break so Happy 1st of May to All!

Marica got the award for the best PhD thesis of 2016 from the Finnish Mass Spectrometry Society!! Woohoo! Can you beat that?

Jussi got his 1st paper of the PhD thesis accepted!! He was also included in Peter Constabel’s great proanthocyanidin paper that was accepted this week as well! Two papers in one week is not bad at all 🙂

NCRG is looking for another excellent group member to work as a PhD student in the exciting world of tannins and their modifications. Look at the ad on the right for more details.

Marica won the Best NCRG paper of the year award with the Toulouse paper. Congrats to Marica and Charlie! Merry Xmas and excellent new year 2017 to all group members, students and collaborators as well.

Milla got funded by Raision tutkimussäätiö. Congratulations!!! Now we can finally make a combo of high quality, high resolution and high motivation with PA bioactivities 🙂

Double-good news for Nico this week. 3rd child born and 3rd paper practically accepted. Exciting times! Congrats to the whole family from everyone at NCRG.

Marianna is our latest YouTube celebrity 🙂 Check out yourself at

… and Nico has just published our most expensive paper ever, thanks to J Dairy Sci.

Matti got a permanent position at “Livsmedelsverket” in Uppsala! The new job includes utilisation and further development of mass spectrometric methods for trace level analysis of drug residues in food. Sounds excellent, so very many congrats to Matti from all of us at NCRG 🙂

Marica won the Dieter Treutter Memorial Prize at the ICP2016 for most outstanding presentation by a young scientist, and also the rest of the group did very well! Thanks Vienna, but no more wiener schnitzels for some time…

We had a great pleasure to host prof. emeritus Daneel Ferreira in our group for several days. Now we all know much more of stereochemistry of plant tannins :). Marica and Daneel also had an excellent dissertation on Friday and the day ended with a very pleasant evening party. Thanks to everyone at NCRG and congrats Marica for honorable achievement!!

Good or bad news first? Ola and Karolina left the building: thanks for all the help you provided. We failed to get Carsten back in Turku and that is a shame: funders do not know everything. Sometimes life is like that but new summer students bring balance by injecting positive energy into the lab.

Our project proposal was evaluated as exceptional and outstanding in scientific quality and innovation by the Academy of Finland. Sounds fine, no complaints there 🙂 Another 4 years and continuum to our Academy funding is thus secured. OptiFeed will start in September 2016.

Aleksandra and Karolina joined our group for 2 months and Johanna came back to UTU, this time to Food Chemistry. Welcome to NCRG and welcome back! This is no joke despite the April Fools Day.

Johanna got good post-doc news of her 4th paper, and Marica got her 3rd paper published after very minor changes. Nice job, both of you! No more tricky hurdles left for Marica in the final sprint towards PhD then 🙂

Very Merry Xmas and Excellently Fruitful New Year 2016 for all of our students, research group members and collaborators! Santa, could you please give something to the grant reviewers as well so that they would be more gifted next year and thus more positive towards our proposals 🙂

NCRG will receive additional energy in the format of two new PhD students, starting in January 2016. Congrats Sanjib and Milla, and welcome back to Finland Sanjib!

Nico and Carsten had a race for their first paper of the PhD and Nico won just by a tiny margin! Congratulations, both of you! Now the race is on for the second one :). Who’s the winner this time?

Our student-rich summer crew is getting close to the end of their posts. Thanks everyone for your hard work and let’s have a look at the excellent results then later as the whole package is finalized!

Johanna got her PhD today! Very nice job altogether and after all 🙂 Three of the four papers will be classics for sure. At the same time I wish nice summer for everyone from students to group members and collaborators. Summer will come, eventually…

Our BSc and MSc students presented their work excellently at the Kemian kevät ’15 event! Congratulations to all of you and many thanks for keeping up the tradition of us winning at least one of the two poster awards 🙂

Marica’s second paper can be now downloaded from the JAFC website. This is another piece of excellent methodology of polyphenol analysis by MS/MS. Read it, use it, cite it. Two more to go and you’ve got the PhD, Marica 🙂

Our update on current knowledge of ellagitannin chemotaxonomy in plant species was accepted to be published in Phytochemistry. Very persistent work Johanna and a nice start for our own research on this subject outside the Oenothera world!

Matti started today in his new job in Stockholm. Very nicely done Matti, congratulations! It really paid off to gain expertise in LC-MS and LC-MS/MS.

Merry Christmas to all students, lab members and collaborators! Please enjoy your holidays, with or without any tannin additives. Wishing you all a very good New Year 2015 as well!

Matti survived excellently from the elegant attacks by his opponent! Very nice performance both from Matti and Ray, now it is time for some relaxation, and to finalize the last manuscript 🙂

Marica had just recovered from the jet lag that was caused by the Nagoya experience and now she is already heading towards Toulouse to meat another set of worms. This time not on the plate, but under the microscope. Have a nice time in France!

We just came back from the joint Polyphenol & Tannin Conference that was held in Japan. Really exciting cultural experience 🙂 We listened good talks by Anu and Marica and otherwise gave four posters. Very well done indeed.

Sorry for the long silence, but to update these new pages took more time than anticipated. Very many thanks to the university for forcing us to change the web application almost on a yearly basis! Now we are independent and will hopefully stick to the current system for at least two years 🙂

We hosted the Chemistry Course and Grant Application Course for ESRs of the LegumePlus and the Project Meeting for all project participants. Thanks very much for creating such a nice atmosphere for both of the events and see you soon in Reading!

Marica just gor her 1st paper accepted in JAFC! The paper is just fantastic, although the publication process wasn’t. Hooray!! Then the next ms into the pipeline… 🙂

Matti is accelerating towards his PhD as the 3rd paper was just accepted in Phytochemistry. Another great paper of phenolic oxidation, very well done, Matti!

Good news came in triplicate! First we got our excellent Oenothera paper with Marc accepted twice (must be a record??) and then Jeff managed to get his piece of art accepted as journal cover image for Annals of Botany. How about that?!

Happy New Year to all lab members and collaborators, and welcome Scott to our lab!

We all knew that this was a dangerous choice of date for Jaana’s dissertation, but everything went very well, starting from the loss of electricity in the opponent’s house during the early hours because of the Seija storm… Well done Jaana, although the steak was excellently medium 🙂

Déjà-vu is French and typically means that a French guy always wins the prices during the LegumePlus meetings… This is getting boring, Nico!

Marion just flew back to Switzerland after a one-month visit to make room for Daniel for a two-month visit. Yes, and Daniel comes from…..Canada. A bad Finnish joke, I know… See you soon, and welcome.

Marica won the prize for the best oral presentation in the alps, Young Scientists Symposium, organized by the Phytochemical Society of Europe! Well done, these prizes just keep on coming 🙂

LegumePlus network gave the second award for the best presentation, this time for oral presentation. Nico took this one, just like the previous award for the best poster! Can you keep up this pace, Nico?

Anu’s first Phytochemistry paper was accepted today. Hooray! It’s looking pretty good now for the PhD.

Two prizes were given for the best posters of the Kemian Kevät 2013 event and our students polished the table by taking both of them. Thanks for keeping up the tradition, Jussi and Anni!

Johanna managed to get her ellagitannin characterization paper accepted in Chemoecology! Very well done, the paper will be highly useful for the whole field of chemical ecology!

We faced a new week without two ESRs. Nico, have a great time during your secondment in Wageningen! Christos, enjoy the British weather after the hectic six weeks in cold Finland!

The Seminar Cruise of Natural Chemistry Research Group was held again in Viking Line’s ferries. This time we had the possibility to test the slightly weird entertainment supply of the brand new Viking Grace…

We had the priviledge to welcome three new researchers today in our group. Welcome Jeff, Carsten and Christos. Let’s head for some crazy science together!

Jari managed to be the first one to publish a paper during 2013. Quickly done! Only 24 more are needed for us to catch up with 2012…

Merry Christmas to all group members, students and collaborators. Let the New Year be even more successful to all of you.

Many thanks for everyone for the nice “pikkujoulu” evening. Especial thanks to Matti for the organization and for sharing your good taste for music with the rest of us 🙂

Jaana just got her 3rd paper out this year! Exceptional work by a PhD student, although it is sometimes a tricky job to please the referees 🙂

Nico won the prize for the best poster in the LegumePlus meeting that was held in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Marica and JP gave very nice oral presentations and the meeting was successful also otherwise. The food was simply excellent!

Ellagitannins made it into the first ever Science paper of our department! Well done you exciting molecules!! Many thanks for the collaborators as well.

Marica jumped from undergraduate to graduate student position today. Congrats for the MSc and the best of luck for the PhD!

Nicolas Baert from France joined our group to work under the LegumePlus project. Welcome Nico and good luck with your challenging PhD project!

Marica had a very good oral presentation in the XXVIth International Conference on Polyphenols in Florence, Italy. Well done Marica, excellent work by an undergraduate!

The kick-off meeting of the EU-funded LegumePlus project was succesfully held in Reading, UK. Good work Irene and Prabhat with the organisation of the meeting.

XXXIV Finnish NMR Symposium was organized at the Harjattula Manor, and Jaana won the prize for the best poster! Well done Jari and Petri with the organization!