Sanjib Saha

PhD thesis topic

Novel and rapid analysis tools for screening of potential anthelmintic drugs of natural origin

Main aims

(1) To create selective and sensitive compound-specific methods for the detection of marker hydrolysable tannins selected from each of the 13 biosynthetic branches.

(2) For the more detailed inspection of the active biosynthetic branches, I will develop the methods further to enable the characterization and quantification of all the individual hydrolysable tannins produced by the identified pathways.

(3) Finally, I will create new non-specific tools by lanthanide-based chemiluminescent methods to examine if the active tannin biosynthetic pathways and the presence of corresponding compounds could be reliably detected and verified also by these inexpensive well-plate reader methods.


The production of animal protein by using ruminants exerts significant pressures on the environment. In addition to methane and ammonia emissions the use of synthetic anthelmintic drugs against intestinal parasites has led to a situation where resistances to anthelmintics are widespread and there is an urgent need for alternative solutions to control for gastrointestinal nematodes. The use of greater doses of synthetic anthelmintics increases also the risk of drug residues in food products for the consumers as well as in the environment. Previous studies have shown that by using tannin-rich forage it is possible to significantly reduce intestinal parasites of ruminants without any significant risk of resistance formation. Therefore, it is an urgency to find suitable rapid LC-MS based methods to screen tannins from different biosynthetic branches to determine their potentiality as future anthelmintic drugs. In addition, new inexpensive method will allow us to screen effectively large number of compounds within short period of time which will accelerate research in this field.

Results so far

Several model tannins have been isolated from different plant species. At the moment I am developing new analysis methods for the isolated tannins by both LC-MS and a 96-well plate reader.

Sanjib Saha, M.Pharm
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